Danny Pfeifer

Managing Partner


Danny Pfeifer is a nationally-recognized government affairs strategist and consultant. He is the founder and managing principal of CATALYST, one of the nation’s leading multi-state lobbying firms.

CATALYST has attracted a Fortune 500 and blue-chip client base by fully integrating with its clients and quickly adapting to the rapidly changing environments they face, specifically new or antiquated federal and state regulations that impact private sector innovation at the expense of consumers. CATALYST represents clients that are producing large-scale disruptions in their industries and emerging businesses facing regulatory challenges and marketplace entry barriers.

Since founding CATALYST over 14 years ago, Pfeifer has created a dynamic and fast-growing government affairs practice, evolving quickly to his clients’ needs in the innovation economy. Founded in Pfeifer’s home state of Missouri, CATALYST quickly became one of the largest firms in the state.

Pfeifer’s ability to engage with clients at an executive level has made him one of the most sought after government affairs specialists, providing strategic counsel in the boardroom that will impact public policy in the halls of state capitols, influence outcomes in the regulatory sphere and inform decisions in the political trenches. With his years of experience in managing complex government affairs, Pfeifer is a strategic partner for his clients, evaluating challenges, identifying opportunities, and offering solutions to help them accomplish their goals.

Pfeifer’s strategic drive and experience has been a magnet for Silicon Valley based businesses, especially high-tech entrepreneurs embracing new technology to drive changes in their own industries such as electric vehicles, mobile-app-based transportation networks, fantasy sports, online financial services and more.

Pfeifer has a reputation for helping deliver desired outcomes, shaping public opinions, mobilizing influencers to shape decisions and designing effective political strategies that result in positive results for his clients.

Before founding CATALYST, Pfeifer worked at the highest levels of national and state politics, serving as a senior advisor to high profile elected officials and political campaigns including candidates for U.S. Senate and attorney general, as well as several presidential candidates. Through these leadership opportunities and experiences, Pfeifer developed unique skills and cultivated a vast network of relationships.

Pfeifer is an active leader in his community. For six years running, he chaired highly-successful events for Hope House in Kansas City, helping the organization raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to help women and children who are victims of domestic violence. He actively supports Higher M-Pact, which helps young people in high-risk urban communities, and San Jorge Children’s Hospital, which is enhancing the quality of life for children with special needs and difficult medical conditions in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Pfeifer received his degree in finance from the University of Missouri – Kansas City, Bloch School of Business.