Deveron Gibbons

Executive Director

Revenue Based Finance Coalition

For more than 25 years, Deveron M. Gibbons has served as a strategic and tactical business leader, an advisor and counselor to governors, legislators and congressional representatives and as a passionate community advocate for the city of St. Petersburg.

In his professional capacity, Deveron leads the day-to-day operations of Amscot Financial’s Public Affairs Department, representing the company before local, state and national elected officials. His role as a trusted advisor to elected officials has given Deveron the opportunity to help shape the laws and the regulations that govern the financial services industry, creating an environment that both protects consumers and establishes a level playing field in which competitors can operate fairly. Additionally, this role makes Deveron an indispensable advisor to the national trade associations for the financial services industry. Deveron joined Amscot in 2004 after working as a lobbyist for Holland & Knight’s Tallahassee office and soon took over responsibility for growing Amscot’s bill-pay business. Amscot serves more than 3 million unique customers a month, and many of them utilize Amscot as their connection to pay their monthly water, electric and cable television bills. Over the years, Deveron has developed direct relationships between Amscot and hundreds of utilities across the state of Florida and today, Amscot’s bill-pay category generates more than $1 billion in annual revenue.

Deveron’s track record and connections to both business leaders and community leaders in Florida make him a go-to source for advice and counsel from elected officials across the state and throughout the country. Deveron understands the challenges and opportunities facing elected officials and political candidates, having made a strong bid in the 2009 mayoral race in St. Petersburg.

Deveron’s devotion to St. Petersburg is rooted in his upbringing. He was reared in St. Petersburg’s Midtown community as the son of a teacher and a church pastor. A football standout in high school, Deveron played football while attending the University of Florida. Friends told Deveron, as he was preparing to leave for Gainesville, “Goodbye Deveron. We’ll never see you again.” Deveron prom- ised them then that he would one day return to Midtown and make it his home.

Deveron made good on his promise and today lives just a few blocks from the home where he was reared. He continues to live up to his promise to make St. Petersburg his home. In 2006, Deveron received a gubernatorial appointment to the St. Petersburg College Board of Trustees. He has been subsequently reappointed twice by Gov. Rick Scott and by Gov. Ron DeSantis.

In 2016, Deveron earned a juris doctorate degree from the Florida A&M College of Law in Orlando. In 2018, he was awarded a master’s of business administration degree from Florida A&M University and he also holds a master’s degree in public administration from the University of South Florida.

Deveron lives in St. Petersburg with his family.