Matthew Washington

Founder and CEO

Moneywell GRP

Mathew grew up in the San Francisco Bay area where his mother raised four kids by herself. Growing up in a single family home taught him how to work hard and to overcome obstacles. He was always breaking the rules, challenging authority and asking questions, which has made him into the leader that he is today. At the age of 17, he dropped out of High School and started selling cars to help his mother.

Since 2009, Matthew has been in the commercial finance space, lending working capital to the small business community nationwide. He has also helped build one of the fastest growing direct lenders in the nation, PIRS Capital LLC, where he was the Chief Revenue Officer for eight years. Through his network, he has successfully been the center of over $700MM in business funding issued to small business owners across all 50 States.

Matthew believes in helping those in need through an organization called World Vision, which is a platform where he is the sponsor of several kids across the globe, helping provide them with shelter, proper nutrition and education.

Matthew is a master at building relationships & his main focus is making sure those relationships maximize their opportunity, stay in place for a lifetime & are unbreakable.