Shawn Smith

shawn smith past speaker

Emcee, Founder and CEO of Dedicated Financial GBC, member of RBFC and SBFA, and an industry veteran since 2002

Shawn Smith is chairman and CEO of Dedicated Financial GBC. When Shawn founded the company in 2015, his vision was to create a new kind of commercial loan portfolio management company, combining both a new model of connecting on a personal level with those in financial trouble and a new corporate philanthropy model. Under his leadership, the company has grown by 50% or more every year since its inception.

For its revolutionary approach, Dedicated has been rewarded both with strong team member loyalty and a solid client base of like-minded companies.

Shawn created a model of philanthropy that leverages the resources of Dedicated Financial GBC to improve communities around the world, donating both money and time to help nonprofits achieve their missions. Shawn and his wife, Stephanie, have focused their personal philanthropy on children’s health and well-being, education, hunger, and other social issues.

In addition, Shawn is the Executive Director of the Jenika Francois Foundation, which partners with nonprofits that help mend broken spirits, heal mental and physical pain, and help children and families to flourish on their own.

Shawn believes that businesses have the greatest opportunity to change the world and Dedicated is taking steps to prove that. He has embraced a multi-stakeholder approach to leadership, serving all stakeholders including clients, team members, business partners, and communities-to make the world a better place. Shawn also inspires fellow business leaders to do the same by sponsoring client service trips to underdeveloped countries and ensuring that, at Dedicated Financial GBC, men and women are paid equally for comparable work.

Shawn is a 20-year veteran of the financial services industry. Prior to launching Dedicated Financial GBC, he worked at various companies where team members were devalued and unappreciated, thus fueling his passion for justice and equality in business as well as in life.